Associated to each product, we include the length and diameter to give an approximation of the overall size of the item. We also provide the type and number of batteries required if the item vibrates, although we supply one set FOC to get you started the minute it arrives at your delivery address.


What sizes are Small, Medium and Large?


Size Dress Size
Small 8 - 12
Medium 12 - 14
Large 14 - 16


What does 'one size' mean?


'One size' garments come only in 1 size. This does not mean that 1 size fits all. Typically it will fit a dress size 8-14 in the standard ranges and 16-20 in the plus size ranges.


Rubber Wear Medium and Large.


The rubber wear is designed to be a tight fit, the Medium will suit sizes 10-12 and the large will suit sizes 14-16. Always use a little talc on the body and inside of the garment to help ease it on.


Plus Size Lingerie Chart.


Size Bust Waist Hips
1 x 39-42 Inches 31-34 Inches 41-44 Inches
2 x 43-45 Inches 35-37 Inches 45-47 Inches
3 x 46-48 Inches 38-42 Inches 48-50 Inches
1/3 x 39-48 Inches 31-42 Inches 41-50 Inches
1/2 x 39-45 Inches 31-37 Inches 41-47 Inches
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